Tuesday Tip: Don’t be too modest

TT - Don't be too modestYou’d be surprised at how many people feel uncomfortable talking about themselves, particularly when it comes to describing work-related successes. However, failing to mention your achievements is likely to greatly impede your job search. Practice shows that listing professional accomplishments on the resume gives you an instant boost in the eyes of a Hiring Manager, which translates into more chances of landing you the job interview.

So if you’re still struggling with recollecting your professional victories, try answering the following questions:

  • Have you exceeded sales or performance targets at the workplace? How often?
  • Have you suggested or implemented any improvements to operations or processes?
  • Have you saved your employer money?
  • Have you contributed to business growth in some way? (Expanded the client base? Attracted funding?)
  • Have you successfully completed any challenging projects?
  • Have you received any awards or commendations from your employer? How about praise from customers or clients?

Remember, if you did something well – don’t be afraid to own it!

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Don’t be too modest

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